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We are a bunch of curious minds. We roam through the world for ideas and trends that could shape the future. Explore our mind mining in various domains from design to innovation, from digitalisation to organisational change, from technology to computer science, from geopolitics to strategy.

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Hanya Grida, Computer Scientist, Alchemiser
Alchemiser talks on "Industry 5.0 - Are designers leading the way" at dmi:Design Leadership Conference
Alchemiser Europe office at Fosbury and Sons Watermael-Boitsfort
Alchemiser talks on "Unlocking unconscious biases into impactful design work" at dmi: Diversity in Design Conference
Andreea Hirica, Head of Strategy and Foresight at Alchemiser speaking at Contagious Ideas in London
Andreea Hirica talked on Virtual Economies at Contagious Ideas in London

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4-7 April 2022


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Worlds Collide: brands, the metaverse and beyond

We are seeing the world through design and technology lenses

From SecondLife to RealLife – how Virtual Economies are shaping the New Reality
Andreea Hirica
When your clients seek you out and tell your friends about you
Karim Hassan
Computer science is no longer only for Geeks, but is part of our daily future
Hanya Grida
The Economics of Innovation
Andreea Hirica
Technology Cultured Ideas
Andreea Hirica
The design path into the future is
through purpose
Andrei Popa
Entropic Civilizations in Search of the Alchemy of Meaning TEDxBrussels 2012.
Andreea Hirica
Throwing Down the Gauntlet to the New Journalism
Andreea Hirica
How to change perceptions and find modern definitions of what is “normal”, based on facts ?
Andreea Hirica

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